08 Jan

WIP Wednesday

Great Granny AlongB

WIP’s… where do I start?  I guess I better just stick with the one I’m working on the most!  Otherwise, I’d need be writing a book, not a post.  Does anyone have the self discipline to stick with one project?  I used to, back when we were living in our RV full-time.  My oh my how I have fallen from grace since then!

I think everyone else in cyber space made this project some time ago.  But I’m just getting started on the Great Granny Along.  Here’s my project file I drew up in EQ7, I even went to the trouble of using my actual fabrics!

These are the blocks I have done for far.  I’m not positive I will leave the layout like it is either, I might put the blocks on point.  I really love on point quilts, mainly because I love the quilting effect in those setting triangles!  But I had planned on simply doing a nice feather edge to edge on this one… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Head over to Freshly Pieced and Sew Much Ado to see what everyone else is up to this Wednesday.

6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I have thought to do a very scrappy version of this sometime this year – in between the other 4 other projects already started and the 3 other that are on my list of want to do this year LOL

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