22 Mar

Another house plan


Tomorrow, Jim and I will be looking at two homes in the next town over, which about forty-five minutes from our house.  One of them is a two-story home on 62 acres that I told the realtor is out of our price range, but she seemed to think it was overpriced by $100k, so we’ll look at it.  Jim of course doesn’t want the stairs.  The nice thing about it is that it’s just a thirty minute commute for him.

The second one is well within our price range, on 42 acres and adjoins the national forest and is right by a small lake.  I drove out to see it yesterday, to check out the lake, area and clock it for Jim’s commute.  It’s a full forty-five minute drive, so we’d have to really love it.  I didn’t see the land or house at all because as soon as you turn on the county road leading to it, it says “dead-end – private road” and no trespassing signs are posted.

The lake was more of a pond at just a hundred acres, but it was scenic.  I couldn’t drive all the way around it because the road was under water.  If we bought it, I could load up the Gator with a cooler and a fishing pole and spend the day fishing!

One of the reasons we’re looking in the next town over is because it’s a different county and the property taxes are much, much lower.  I am worried about building new on our land, because the property taxes will be so high.  With that thought constantly in mind, I found another house plan that I really like, but to keep the square footage down, instead of converting the garage into my studio, I’d use both spare bedrooms.


On this one, I’d bump the spare bedroom walls out flush with the bathroom walls, but completely eliminate the bathroom area.  That would make a space large enough for my long arm and a couple of sewing machines, but I’d have to seriously downsize my sewing stuff.  That would also make it a one bedroom home.

I’d also bump out the wall in the “resource center” room flush with the dining room, and make that a pantry.  Other than that, I quite like this design.  The huge back porch would be absolutely wonderful.

I’ve done absolutely nothing all week other than to take two to three very short bike rides each day.  Loving the new bike!  It doesn’t bother my neck or back to ride, for which I am so grateful.  Walking for any distance has become too painful for my back, so I’m really happy to have found an alternative way to get some exercise.

4 thoughts on “Another house plan

  1. Wow!!! This has become quite the adventure!!! Looking at offerings in the next county makes sense to me………taxes go up not down!!!!!!! The best……………………

  2. I love this house plan. The best yet. I don’t understand why you don’t use the 3rd garage for your studio. Also, that 14’x13′ pantry seems huge. Why need more? Couldn’t you insert a huge root cellar on a slope on the property to have added storage? You would really trash your investment having it only be 1 bedroom. If you need more room, bump out the 3rd garage then it would also become a possible 4th bedroom. It’s cheaper to build a carport or garage if someone has to have that 3rd bay. Just thoughts so you can be more confused.

  3. Why not put a basement under all or part of the house, then you could use that as your work room and not have sewing in the house? Would be even nicer is that was a walk out basement.

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