16 Mar

Such beautiful bones!

house plan

And of course, I will likely change my mind again.  This doesn’t make my heart go pitter patter, but the “bones” are right.  It has everything I think I require in a functional home.  Plan details here.

Front and rear covered porches are a must.  A lower level master will appeal to Jim because he freaks out about my knees and stairs.  The master bathroom is nothing spectacular, but it would do.  The closet space is a little lacking though.

The living room has a fireplace, another must, as we would put a wood stove there as we intend our primary heat source to be wood until we are too old to manage it. Hopefully we’ll just keel over before that happens. 🙂

I don’t know that I care for the nook in the living room, I might just make that wall flat and eliminate it, since it has a dining room.  Perhaps bump the kitchen out some more in that direction?  Then the kitchen island could be longer, a definite plus!

There’s a downstairs office space for Jim, but the best part is the way the garage is divided.  See all that shop storage area and the single bay garage?  I’d make ALL of that my pantry.  Easy access to the kitchen, outside access for hauling in groceries.

You might ask why on earth we need such a huge pantry.  Well partly because we do buy and store our food in bulk, but we also have a lot of very large equipment, like a meat grinder, sausage stuffer, grain mill, meat slicer, dehydrator, etc.  This setup would be fantastic!  I might even play with the shop/storage area and make it a processing kitchen?

As for the upstairs, I’d leave out the walls between the bonus room, bedroom four, and the recreation room, and I’d have a fantastic sewing studio (969 square feet!, and that would still leave us with two guest bedrooms!

So while this plan is a bit on the boring side, it could be so super functional I just might fall in love with it.

4 thoughts on “Such beautiful bones!

  1. “Processing kitchen” – I love it! Sounds wonderful to a person who has a lot of kitchen “stuff” that always has to be drug out of somewhere in this little house.

    I also really, really like this house plan. Guess I’m just the boring type, but there are so many features that really appeal to me.

  2. Hmmm. Since I am far enough away that I don’t need to worry about ducky that thrown rolling pin.
    Too much house ….. Do you really want people to stay with you ?
    I don’t you have your trailer/RV if someone has to stay that’s it or the couch
    Fish and friends/family stay too long ….stinks
    I’d try looking at these plans without the second floor
    Could you make the 2 bay garage a 3 bay ? Put you sewing area there?
    Or make the one bay a 2 or 3 and make that area a sewing area?
    I am old my spine/neck are bad they will only get worse my knees have no current problems but the point is my body will never be as good as it is NOW so if I don’t do stairs now there is no way I’d want to do stairs later.
    Some nights I am laying in bed its good no pain but I want to reposition but my hip hurts as soon as I try to move so stay in that pain free position or endure pain to move ?
    I try to move to the other side usually I can without too much pain…… I don’t want my husband to know that sometimes it hurts too much to move.
    So stairs to me is just like that moving will I look at the stairs knowing the pain ? And decide to crawl up the stairs to be able to go up ? Or will I decide what ever is up those stairs is not worth the pain to go up and back down?
    Just think if you added to the one bay garage side you could also extend the master to make more closet space and then that covered patio in back would be a nice private 3 sided space
    Colleen in dry California
    Not ducking

  3. I like it. It is just right for you, especially since you would have such a nice studio. If stairs become an issue, a stair chair, not sure what it is called, but it is a chair to ride up the stairs in.

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