18 Mar

EQ for Mac is finally here!

EQ7 For Mac

EQ7 For MacI couldn’t be more excited that yesterday, I was finally able to install EQ7 on my iMac, without having to run Parallels anymore.  WOOHOO!

If you currently run EQ7 for Windows, for $24.95 you can download the migration kit and be free of Windows forever!

The only remaining Windows software I run is Art n Stitch, and I think I can probably live without it.  I sold my Bernina Embroidery software as I do so little embroidery anymore, I only need very basic tools.  I’m using Embrilliance Essentials for Mac and for what I do, it works just fine.

Thank you Electric Quilt!  The program looks and acts exactly the same on osX as it does on Windows.

I spent a good portion of yesterday pouring over house plans again.  Jim is adamant that we build a single story (unless of course, something comes on the market soon and we buy instead) and I had a brilliant idea… scale down the square footage by about a 1000 square feet, and search for homes with an attached three car garage… and make it my studio!

I found several, and I’m still looking, but I keep coming back to this one.



If we decide on this floor plan, we’ll take the drawing to an architect to incorporate the features we’d want.  To start with, I don’t want those crazy roof lines, just a basic farm style exterior with front and rear porches.  No tray or stepped ceilings, I hate those!  We want flat ten foot ceilings throughout.

Bedroom three would have all existing doors and windows removed, and a new door from the breakfast room leading into it.  It would suffice as the pantry.  I might consider leaving the windows in and putting black out shades on them, so it could be a bedroom again, I’ll have to think on that.

The garage doors of course would be removed, and windows added to both sides.  But as far as the layout goes, it’s quite workable with very few changes (other than the exterior and roof lines).

It would take advantage of our gorgeous winter view nicely.  I quite like the open Foyer/Gallery area.  An a moire on the Gallery wall  adjoining the kitchen would be nice for coats, and I believe there’s room for a bench to the left of the entrance, on the Study wall, to sit and put shoes on.

I’m NOT keen on the dining room window placement, it would have zero view and no cozy feeling whatsoever.  A separate dining room is a non negotiable feature for me.  I don’t have one now and I absolutely hate it.  I can visualize two comfy chairs and a small round table in the breakfast nook off the kitchen, a great place to have coffee!

4 thoughts on “EQ for Mac is finally here!

  1. So that Rick rack in the back would become straight across?
    I think that would be better also
    I wonder about making it wider (the whole house) straight through the front portch so there would be plenty of room for benches on both sides doing that would make the foyer and living room/kitchen bigger too
    Also better for adding old people than the last plans as before the old people were up stairs !!!
    Not good for old people
    Also a covered porch across the whole front and back
    But that depends on your building things I say that because we had friends building their own home and the covered porches were considered the same as the interior space for ? Taxes so they reduced the size and number of them
    They didn’t know about that before planning
    I think you said a slab foundation
    That is really hard on your body anyway to do a raised foundation
    Having a fruit/stom cellar in your area might be nice

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  3. CJ, Wow, thanks for posting about Embrilliance Essentials! You don’t know how much aggravation you have saved me. I love Apple computers, having both laptop and desktop. But I keep a PC in the sewing room to run Bernina software and EQ. I been wanting an Apple computer in the sewing room but dislike Bootcamp and hesitated investing in Parallels. I have a few questions – how do you handle the transfer of embroidery designs to the Berninas – do you just write to the stick? I am assuming you can’t transfer with Embrilliance. I briefly read on the software site it doesn’t convert to ART so you use EXP? I appreciate your help (as usual).


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