19 Mar

New bicycle saddle and handlebar grips

Brooks B67s

Yesterday I test drove my new bike, the Trek Verve 4 and discovered the cushy, gel filled saddle that came with it was absolute torture!  I decided I’d take my Brooks B67 off my Brompton, and put the Brooks B17 back on it.  Alas, it was screwed on too tight so I had to wait for Jim to get home to loosen the screw.  That’s so frustrating!

I’d also purchased a pair of ergonomic cork handgrips for my Brompton some time ago, but they were the wrong size, so I decided to install them on the new bike as well!  So the saddle and grips aren’t really new, I’ve just recycled them. 🙂

Besides being far more comfortable, doesn’t the brown look ever so much classier than the black vinyl?

I also took the back basket off.  I think I’m just going to use bungee cords on the rack if I need to haul something, and pick up a nice saddle bag to hang off the seat for my wallet, bike tool, etc.

I’ll have to keep adjusting the handgrips and seat as I ride until I find the sweet spot, but I’m pretty close now.

Jim and I are going to look at two properties over in the Clarksville area on Sunday.  One is a huge, 2 story house on 62 acres that’s probably going to be over our price range unless they’re willing to do some serious negotiating, the other, which I’m more excited about, is a very vanilla, small home that would need to be added onto, and only on 42 acres, however it’s within walking distance of Horsehead lake, and adjoins national forest.  It just doesn’t get any better than that!

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