29 Apr

Grinding “other” flours


I have a Country Living Grain Mill that I think is just the cat’s meow, for years I’ve bought wheat berries and ground my own flour, and I have a corn and bean auger for the mill as well… but it’s kind of a hassle to change out, so this morning I decided to splurge on the dry blade blender for my VitaMix.  I know many people just grind all their grain in the VitaMix, but I don’t especially care for the fact that it heats up while grinding, which affects the quality of the flour.

But for small batches of “novelty” flours, like rice flour, bean flour, almond flour, etc, I think it would be perfect!  I will probably put whatever I want to grind in the freezer ahead of time, to mitigate some of the heat created when grinding with the VitaMix.

Our orchard is greening up nicely!  I’ve got fifty-two blackberry starts dug up and potted so far.  When we eventually get moved, I’m going to try growing them in rows without trellising, with the plan to simply mow alternating rows back to the grown about every third year.  They come back beautifully and by not trellising them, they reproduce like rabbits!


On Sunday Jim and I are going to see a farm that “could” be the buy of the century, or an absolute disaster. It’s an extremely overpriced, expired listing that’s been for sale for years. 80 acres, 4 car garage, 3700 square feet, shop and barns. The land is supposed to be beautiful. It’s right smack dab in the area we really want to be in, but the couple (elderly and sick) apparently stopped caring about the place several years ago… to the point there are piles of trash on the porch, the agents don’t want to show it, and there are no photos to be seen. Best case scenario, it’s structurally sound and will need updating and a lot of elbow grease. I’d do a lot for a gorgeous 80 acre piece of farm land!
The listing agent says bring an offer… any offer!

Cross your fingers!

4 thoughts on “Grinding “other” flours

  1. My fingers are crossed for you. It would be wonderful to find a place you want. It would really help get a sense of direction for the future too. Good luck.

  2. I thought you had given up blogging and just now saw this new post and looked back and saw a couple more. Good luck on the hunt for the perfect farm

  3. Good luck! Fingers crossed and hoping it works out for you! Cosmo would have a blast on 80 acres! By the way, happy (late) birthday!!!

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