24 Apr

The Vitamix… it’s the ultimate compost maker!


I use my Vitamix nearly everyday… but not the way most people use it.  I do occasionally make a smoothie with it, but I am dead crazy about it for making compost tea, or sludge as the case in this mornings batch.

I keep a container by my kitchen sink that I toss in things like tea bags, onion skins, asparagus ends, etc.  Each morning, I fill my Vitamix with the kitchen scraps, fill it with water, and pulverize it.

This morning’s batch has 3 overripe bananas (we don’t much care for banana bread around here), egg shells, a tea bag, some onion ends and skins, the skin and seeds from an acorn squash and the skin from a baked potato, and some asparagus ends.  That pretty much filled the container, and I added water to fill it to the top.


It actually smells amazing!  But no I didn’t taste it!  Each morning I pour that in my garden beds.  The worms appreciate it.  My plants appreciate it.  I have no compost pile anymore (although that will change once we start farming again and have barn manure and bedding to compost).

I’m taking Cosmo in for his annual vaccinations today, so I imagine he’s going to be a bit crabby today.  Then, I might actually do some sewing, I haven’t touched anything for a couple of months I think!

5 thoughts on “The Vitamix… it’s the ultimate compost maker!

  1. I used to do that but we now make mounds of compost, so it goes right in. I hadn’t sewn since Thanksgiving. I need new summer clothes so I bought a bunch of linen for pants. I then order pointe and cotton knits to make cool tshirts. I’m watching 3 great Craftsy classes on sewing with knits. All 3 are different and fabulous. I’m just tired of making quilts at the moment. Lucy just had her yearly with no ill effects.

    • Yes I will be making mounds of compost again one of these days too Hilary, but for now this works very well! Do you have any great patterns you’d recommend for linen plants?

      I have also purchased several Craftsy classes on knits and tshirts… haven’t watched them yet though.

  2. Well you could build a reasonable house for you with the idea of selling ……. Really since we can’t see into the future what ever you build really should have appeal to more than just you so if you need to sell you’ll be able to
    I just had an un expected health turn that’s why I say that
    I had my gall badder removed last Friday … had ambulance ride to the hospital on Thursday
    I am in quite a bit of pain I was taking narcotics but the side effects have become worse than the pain.
    Tried to send this yesterday but I was too late I guess
    I use can-o-worms I should use my otherwise unwed blender to break down my scraps …… My worms also need either leaves or newspaper or those pressed paper drink carriers

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