15 Jun

I’m bringing home a new baby!


On Tuesday, I’m headed up to Oklahoma to bring a new “baby” home.  Can you guess what  it is?  I’m pretty excited!  I’m not however, looking forward to the drive.  It’s a full three hours each way, plus whatever time I spend there before heading back home.

It’s a surprise though, I’m not saying what the new baby is until Tuesday!

I baked some wonderful smelling loaves of buttermilk oatmeal sandwich bread today for Jim’s lunches.

DSCF3735And picked and shelled the last of the peas from the garden this morning.  I dug up the first potatoes too, so tonight we’ll be having fresh peas, fresh potatoes, and locally raised beef steaks for dinner, yum!

When will Tuesday get here? !!

16 thoughts on “I’m bringing home a new baby!

  1. Ok the only thing left is a pizza oven. You have everything else you want. The only thing left on your list is a home. BTW, how was that property you went hiking on? You haven’t mentioned any of the past prospects. Any news?

  2. Well, it has to be a new puppy then. I can’t imagine you buying another sewing machine. If that’s the case, you might get some opposition from the master of the home

  3. That bread looks wonderful! Any chance of you posting the recipe? I am just getting back into baking after about 5 years. Raised 4 kids on whole wheat bread made with freshly ground flour. We got a new gas stove several years ago, and I don’t like the way the oven bakes bread. My old electric stove did better. I just sent for some different bread pans, maybe that will help.

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