17 Jun

Surprise! Meet my new baby!


No, it’s not another puppy, Cosmo is still a handful and I’m not ready to raise a second one just yet! It’s not a new car, kitchen gadget or (darn it) a new house.  In fact, it isn’t even new! DSCF3755 But oh how happy and excited I am!  I have been searching for a very long time for a vintage Bernina 830 Record, that was in perfect condition.  You all know I’m silly like that, I admire the heck out of vintage machines, love the way they positively purr when well maintained, but I just can’t handle a beater.  Sewing machines are like fine guns in my opinion, they should be kept clean and well oiled, and if done so, will last forever! This was a one owner machine, and according to the son in law, rarely used.  All the original paperwork was in the case, although not all the presser feet, and not the much needed knee lift, but I’ve already ordered one of those from my Bernina dealer.  While she’s not one hundred percent flawless, she is about as close as I’m likely to ever find.

I made the drive to Tulsa (Broken Arrow actually) to get her.

There is no yellowing.  Most of the 830’s I’ve seen for sale, the motor cover is all yellow and yucky looking.  And she’s all glossy still!  But most importantly, she purrs!  I ran her at high speed while checking her out just so I could hear the motor and the gears, and was thrilled at how smooth running she is.  Heck the original styrofoam packing is still in the case!  YIPPY!!!!!!

Thank you, Ann & Pete!

21 thoughts on “Surprise! Meet my new baby!

  1. My mom got that model when I was in high school. It was always my goal to have a Bernina too. I have had a couple now and so has she. She lost that one to a fire some years ago and even though my dad replaced it it just wasn’t the same! I convinced him to find her one on eBay and she is tickled with it! What a great machine! I am sure you will enjoy the heck out of it.

  2. Ahhhhhhh…..my very first Bernina. Never gave me a moment’s grief. Sewed everything beautifully. The satin stitch is perfect. Did you know that it is a 4mm
    Feed dog width? You are lucky!

  3. CJ – You will love your 830. It was my first Bernina and I bought it new back in 198-whatever. I traded it in on the 930 that now lives with my daughter. The 830 is a real treasure. Congratulations!

    • Claudia, I would love to also have a 930, since it has the needle up/down feature, but the 830 was my first choice since it has no circuit boards. I know I will love it, thank you!

  4. Oh so lucky to find an 830! Iwould love to have a 710 Record that I sewed on in high school!! Fell in love with Berninas at that time!! I do own a 930 which I store in Alaska! I get to visit it, give it a drink of oil and if my daughter has any projects, I get to sew!! She can’t get rid of it, it’s mine and she knows it. I hope to teach one of the twins if not both how to sew some day!!! Congrats CJ!!

    • Thank you Kathy, I’m so tickled to have brought this sweet machine home with me! You are very generous to loan your daughter your 930!

  5. That was my first sewing machine. That’s how I started with Berninas. I’ve stayed with the brand because of the investment in feet. I sewed on one again not long ago. I love my 750 so much more. It purrs like my Record did but has new technology. I’m still loving my B830 for embroidery. I know these won’t last forever but who knows what’s coming down the pike. I would have thought you would have wanted the 930.
    Glad you got what you wanted.

    • My first Bernina was the 170, which was totally computerized. Vintage Bernina’s are new to me, but I know I’m going to love this one forever. I’d like a 930 too Hilary! I love my 630 and 430, and I enjoyed my B830 for 3 years, but I am done with high end computerized machines. I will keep my 630 until it croaks, but the 830 just might replace the 430.

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  7. What does cosmo think of it? 🙂 I have my mom’s old 730. She bought me a 731 (I think – it only had 4 stitches but otherwise identical to 730) and then later we traded because I wanted more stitches.

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