16 Jun

Yesterday’s farm tour


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Yesterday, right after I finished baking bread for Jim’s lunches, the phone rang.  It was the people that another of my quilting friends hooked us up with.  Their farm isn’t on the market, but they’re willing to sell.  They were ready for us to come out and see it!

Jim unfortunately, was stuck working (on Father’s Day no less), so I went by myself.  I was really excited about this place, even though it only has thirty six acres, Jim’s commute to work would be less than ten minutes, and I knew from viewing the property in Google Earth it was going to be completely private.

The land was great, totally secluded and pretty scenic with a really nice pond.  We hiked over most of it, and got covered in seed ticks for our efforts.  I could totally visualize landscaping (in edibles, of course) this property.

The house kept me awake all night long, tearing down walls, replacing cabinets and flooring, but no matter how much I wanted it to work, by morning I realized there was no way I could make the kitchen (even with a major remodel) work for what I do.  Somedays I curse my love of cooking and preserving food!

Then the eighty seven acre place with the creek and pond is under contract, the owner found a buyer on their own.  Sigh…

This morning I decided to open the sewing cabinets downstairs that house my vintage Singer 201-2 and 15-91, oil and run them for a bit.  The 15-91 ran, as always, flawlessly as soon as I turned her on.  It is one rock solid, hard working machine!  I ran her for a bit and moved onto the 201.  This machine, while having a superior stitch (pretty significant in my opinion) and the most lovely sounding purr, unfortunately doesn’t like to run if I don’t use her all the time.  She starts out at a crawl, and it takes about ten minutes of sewing before she’ll speed back up to normal.  Once there, she’s pure perfection!


So maybe I’ll leave the cabinet open for a bit and work on my scrappy quilt downstairs for a few days.  Next is my Singer 401.  I don’t think I’ve even powered her on since we got back from New Orleans over a year ago, yikes!

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  1. And the days go by and life goes on. My, I bet you were tired after all that “remodeling”!!! I’m sure that the kitchen is the make/break room for most of us (each for different features and your requirements are high!!!). Love the machine!! Hugs…………..
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