Churn Dash Progress

The desire to buy more sewing machines is incurable. It can be managed but not cured.

Yesterday I got in a nice walk with a friend, despite the coldness, it was sunny and beautiful out. This morning I have orientation for the competitive walking class training we signed up for, then our group bicycle ride after lunch.

I did manage to get all of the large sashing blocks pieced, and about a third of the three inch nine patch sashing blocks done. I’ve started to assemble the quilt, and will make the rest of the little nine patch blocks as I go, otherwise I guarantee I will cut the wrong number!

While I did piece all of the blocks on my Bernina 740, the sashing and assembly are being done on my Singer 401a. And I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed it!

I have my heart set on finding a Singer 431g, it’s nearly a twin to my 401a, except the color is different AND… it has a free-arm. They’re probably more difficult to find than the 222k Featherweight free-arms, but I’m hoping to run across one eventually.

Some years ago, I set myself on the path of replacing my modern equipment with vintage machines, sold some of my top of the line Bernina machines, and started buying various vintage machines to see what I liked.

I fell in love with this 401a, lusted over the free-arm featherweights, but discovered in a hurry that regardless of how adorable those are, I did not enjoy sewing on them at all. The 401a has remained my favorite, and for a straight stitch machine, my 15-91 is my machine of choice.

I got sucked into the modern world again, and bought a Bernina 740, which has become my favorite machine of all time. It is a pure joy to work with, but despite that, I’ve decided I’m going to sell her. I truly do want to start the process of minimizing my sewing equipment and expenses.

Many of know that I’ve been waffling about selling my longarm for several years now. I finally decided I’m not going to. Partially because Jim gets involved when I sew on the vintage machines, and I would dearly love to see him get into quilting with me… he is after all, responsible for my mad love affair with sewing, and he mentioned that he doesn’t want me to sell the longarm as he would like to try his hand at it one day. Yay! He loves the vintage machines, and if I want a quilting partner, that’s probably the only way he’s going to join me.

So sometime in the very near future, expect to see my Bernina 740 listed for sale. I’m not in any hurry to sell her, and hope to sell the machine locally. First I have to research prices, gather her boxes and luggage, and photograph everything, but soon.

CJ Tinkle

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