Drying Herbs, Playing With Bees

After this morning’s rain, I took my daily four mile walk, then came back and picked oregano to dehydrate.

I have tons and rarely have to resort to using dried, as our winters are pretty mild in central Arkansas, but I always make sure I have a full jar for winter just in case.

While I was cutting, I heard one of the bee hives swarm. I consider getting to witness swarms one of those miraculous events that few ever experience, and never fails to fill me with awe. Bees are usually pretty docile when swarming, and I absolutely love to stand in the middle of the swarm while it’s happening. Just an incredible experience!

Here they are a short while later, balled up in the elderberry bush on our fence. I just peeked again, and they’ve consolidated into two balls. Jim is getting ready to hive them.

The chickens were enjoying the delicacies found on the ground as always after a nice rain.

We’ve had so much rain this month a good portion of the orchard is standing in water, but they find dry spots. I tossed them some comfrey leaves, but they weren’t interested today.

I baked more whole wheat bread after milling grain this morning. I used the whey from yogurt I made yesterday in this loaf. I think I prefer water with whole wheat.

Maybe I’ll make some pepperoni cheese bread and use the rest of the whey in it.

CJ Tinkle

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