2nd Official Group Ride!

I really enjoy bicycling, and am having a blast doing group rides with my quilting buddies!

Despite it being a blustery, 35 degree day today, we bundled up and hit the Bona Dea Trail here in town.

I’d forgotten that it would probably be flooded with the storms that blew through this week, and sure enough it was, we had to turn around three times.

But we didn’t let that stop us! Russellville has some pretty decent bike paths going through town, so we decided to ride downtown to the coffee shop, warm up, and ride back.

It was a whole lot of fun, and I’m so appreciative to have such a fun group of girls to do things with. We call ourselves the “Estrogen Squad”. Although I’m not sure why… none of us have any left. Estrogen that is. 🙂

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Laura Ward

    Wish I could go with you! Really looks like fun.

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