75% Hydration Pizza Dough

Saturday, in my funk, I decided making pizza on Sunday would help move my mind to a better place. I decided to up my dough hydration to 75%, but everything else being the same. Same method, mixed the night before with 4-5 stretch and folds before a bulk ferment overnight on the counter, dough split into two balls in the morning, and refrigerated until two hours before I was ready to bake. The first hour is to let the dough come to room temperature, and the second is for stretching the dough.

50g 100% rye hydration starter
15g olive oil
20g honey
375g water
500g bread flour
12g salt

Yesterday morning, I woke up thinking about pizza (thankfully, a much needed reprieve) and decided I wanted pineapple pizza. As soon as 7am arrived, I hopped in the car and ran to the grocery store for some fresh pineapple, then I called my mom and invited her over for pizza and Scrabble.

I prefer regular bacon verus Canadian bacon on Hawaiian pizza, and on mom’s, I used green onion instead of jalapeños, but opted for the peppers on mine. They are so good with bacon and pineapple!

I’ll do another 75% hydration dough soon. Sometimes the toppings effect my impression of the dough, but honestly, taste and texture wise I didn’t see much difference between 65% and 75%. The lesser hydration dough is certainly less sticky to handle, but the higher hydration dough stretches out much more easily. My mom had a definite preference for the 75%, while I think I may be leaning just the opposite. Possibly just a leftover rebellion issue from childhood? 🙂

I might also try adding some diastatic malt to the dough. This recipe doesn’t brown up as well as my old recipe, but I suspect that is because the honey and olive oil ratio is less in this one. If I upped the honey to about 35 grams, that might make the difference as well.

It’s been cold and mostly rainy here for the last week. Beginning tonight, I’ll need to cover my tomatoes and peppers. The weed whacking is getting out of control because that’s the last thing I feel like doing when it’s cold and the grass is wet. Yuck.

Tonight I’m thinking about making schnitzel. That’s normally a dish Jim makes, but he’s not here and I’m craving it. But I also have a new soup recipe I want to try, Hearty Quinoa and White Bean Soup.

Wishing I could get in the mood to sew.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. sandra

    Enjoy seeing what you bake .The pizza looks amazing

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Sandra. Pizza is all about the dough more than anything. I am still working to perfect mine but it’s pretty good!

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