A Blockhead Solution :)

Jim and I devoured a bag of homemade peanut brittle last night after dinner, gifted to me by one of my quilter friends. The resulting sugar rush kept me awake the entire night, with a pounding headache to go along with it. Think I’ll ever learn?

Not likely. I’m 55, and still act like a five year old around goodies. And it was so darn good!

There’s a silver lining in that cloud! I was prowling around my sewing room, the stack of scraps and blocks from the 2020 Moda Blockheads quilt-a-long I started at the beginning of the year glaring at me in their sadly neglected state, and a glimmer of inspiration hit.

I don’t do well with other people’s ideas and designs, and should have never started this project, but I thought it might help me get out of my slump. It made it worse. I reinforced my knowledge that I simply don’t play well with others, and that I don’t like sampler quilts! Runs with scissors too? Yep, guilty.

I think I have twenty four blocks made. After firing up EQ8, I came up with a very simple layout that will allow me to choose sixteen of the blocks that I like best, and I will piece twenty five more super simple blocks that will form a faux sashing effect.

Filler Block

I can’t say how often I will actually sit down and sew on this quilt, but at least I won’t mind making the rest of these blocks. I cut the majority of them out during the night, and sewed two of them together.

It will look basically like this.

By adding all the simple blocks that are the same, it tones down the sampler effect for me, and gives it some cohesion. I think I can live with this and make myself finish this quilt.

I have stöllen to bake today. A challenging dough on a full night of sleep. I may have some very happy chickens later!

CJ Tinkle

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  1. I like the blockheads blocks alternating with the connecting blocks. Tones down the craziness of the sampler quilt!

    1. tinksquared

      Yeah I think it helps some, thanks Gwynette. Another lesson learned. :). I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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