A New Outfit

Miss Myrtle and I are working on a new suffrage outfit. Neither one of us are too sure about this one, and we don’t have everything we need for it just yet, mail order is so slow these crazy days!

Yesterday she held a ball of cording for me while I sewed piping.

So helpful of her! NOT! Shhh… with any luck she isn’t lurking behind me. She approved the piping and we moved on to old fashioned tucks.

These she wasn’t so certain about. Miss Myrtle is getting pretty snooty these days, and prefers the modern method of making tucks with a special pintuck foot, but these needed to be larger and so are pressed and top stitched.

She thought they looked a little better after I finished them.

The plan is to Hotfix a pearl on each side of every tuck, down the front of the dress and coat. With any luck, the pearls will show up this century so we can proceed.

Miss Myrtle insisted on cutting the ruffles for the sleeves and the peplum on the bias, and I agreed she was probably right, so I let her cut those then we started on the bodice.

This is the last of the linen, so we can’t make any mistakes. Piping and bias ruffles on one of the sleeves. The divine Miss M looks rather smug about her idea doesn’t she?

I have a sneaking suspicion this dress isn’t going to make the cut, but we shall see. Another great learning process as I’m starting to be able to ignore some of the standard doll construction methods, and step them up a bit for a more tailored look.

I did a bit of weed whacking outside this morning, I’m getting so old that it now takes me a couple of hours three days in a row to get it done, I simply can’t do it all in one morning any more.

Our blueberries are beginning to ripen!

CJ Tinkle

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