A Surprise Visit!

More or less. Jim let me know Saturday he was going to make it home for my birthday on Monday. He drove through the night Sunday (twelve hours from Georgia!) and made it in by 8 am. It was a very short visit as he had to leave at dawn again this morning, but I was so happy to see him!

Cosmo got a much needed bath! They both had fun, it was a beautiful eighty degrees out and I enjoyed watching them play from the comfort of my camp chair 🙂

I made pizza and my favorite lemon blueberry cake for us and my mom came over as well. SO yummy! And I lost another two pounds!

Here are the latest iris colors in bloom. There will be at least one more color today after the rain stops. And our spirea are blooming beautifully now too. They line the driveway, and I will get a picture of them soon as well.

That coppery orange iris is my very favorite I think 🙂

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Susan

    Happy belated Birthday!!!! So glad he got to come home if only for a short visit.

  2. Donna Rowe

    Happy belated birthday! So glad Jim was able to get home even for a short time!

  3. mo pinwil

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. What a lovely surprise for you. It has been a long time. I hope he can visit again soon but a long way away. Take care. I love your beautiful Irises.

  4. KimS

    Happy (belated) Birthday!! I’m glad Jim made it home to celebrate. What a guy to make that drive for a short visit, I’d say it’s true love.
    Cosmo is practically laughing out loud. What great fun.
    Your meal looked fabulous (no wonder Jim comes home)! I love seeing everything wake up and grow. Spring in the midwest is the best. I’m out every morning with my coffee poking around to see what’s growing and smell what’s blooming. Still waiting for my spring bird migration which tops everything off.
    One of my favorite TV shows is “Escape to the Chateau”, check it out if you need something to watch. Angel’s line in the show is “Behind every fairytale is a reality.” That is so true. Enjoy your fairytale, as that’s what it seems from the outside looking in.

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Kim! That sounds like a show I would love! Yes, spring is amazing. I was glad Jim was able to see so much in bloom around here, it is his favorite season.

  5. PamO

    Sweet man!!

  6. Chris Miller

    Joining the gang to say how wonderful for you that Jim made it home for your birthday. What a guy!! (I think he likes you a whole bunch!!) I also love the brownish iris. We called them “root beer” ones when I was little. Happy birthday!! Happy year!!

  7. Lesley Kannisto

    Happy Birthday, a day late. Sorry about that.

    So glad your hubby was able to come home to be with you.

  8. Chris P

    Chiming in with my Belated Birthday Wishes. What a grand surprise to enjoy time with the hubs. Happy you were able to enjoy the weather and Jim’s visit. Your cake looks divine. Again, belated Happy Birthday.

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