Almost a Winner

I was hoping, fingers crossed, that this skirt wouldn’t be too stiff, but it is… just. Otherwise, I am absolutely in love with this one.

I will definitely repeat this, but I have some Moda muslin in white that I’m going to try. It’s thinner than the Kona cotton, and the Moda Bella solids… and I may use cotton thread, although I love, love love the sheen of the Glide thread on this one!

In person, it glows! You may be able to tell a little more from my earlier post, while the skirt was still flat.

I would like to take this design, remove the fleur di lis from the top, and duplicate the scallop from the bottom, and run it down the center of a linen tank top. Oh yes… that would be perfect!

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Laura Deaver

    It’s absolutely beautiful!

    1. tinksquared

      Not sure about that, but I appreciate the thought. LOL

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