Baking and Quilting Day

The Sourdough Way

Yesterday I fed up my sourdough so I could bake bread, muffins, and split some off for a friend. This morning was rainy and dark, and what could be better than the aroma of bread and muffins baking?

The sourdough raisin and walnut is a favorite of Jim’s, and I bake it often for him. I could die happy eating my blueberry muffins everyday, and they’re pretty darn healthy. They’re essentially a third rye flour, a third wheat flour, and a third cornmeal, sweetened with honey. My recipe for them is here.

I finished cutting and piecing the other half of the sashing blocks for my churn dash quilt today. If I sucked it up, I could probably finish the quilt top by tonight, but I’m most likely done for the day.

I’ve been doing a bit of sorting in my sewing room lately, and ran across this “Thread Director“. I’d totally forgotten I had it. I mounted it to the spool pin on my Singer 404 and quite like the way my Aurifil thread spools off of it. There’s a newer version out now.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Beverly

    CJ did you use the King Arthur method to make your sourdough starter? I am thinking about trying some of your recipes. Thank you.

    1. tinksquared

      Hi Beverly, no I purchased a dried culture from years ago, and rehydrated it per their instructions. I’ve had that same culture for about 12 years now.

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