Beautiful Walk

Very little sleep again last night, so I put a corned beef brisket out on the smoker. We have an electric Cookshack, so it’s pretty much set it and forget it. I’ll toss some wild rice in the rice cooker later and add a veggie and call it easy 🙂

I headed out for short walk, but it was so gorgeous out I got 4.5 miles in. I needed the beauty and the solitude this morning.

I’m still hauling everything out of the camper and washing it. I had six quilts out there and have to wash them one at a time. I dry them over the orchard fence, so that’s taken two days. Onto the bedding, towels, and linens now. With any luck, I’ll finish that today.

Other than that, I think I may do some lounging in the sun out back today.

CJ Tinkle

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