Bernina High Tension Yellow Bobbin

Bernina High Tension Yellow Bobbin

Just a quick little post and video. I’ve been doing quite a bit of machine appliqué this year, and have preferred doing it on my Bernina 430, as the bobbin case has a finger you can thread for doing embroidery or decorative stitching.

The finger pulls the upper thread to the underside, versus a balanced stitch. The 7 series Bernina machines have a redesigned bobbin, which is huge, but it no longer has a finger. These machine have auto tension and do a fantastic job, but with the small blanket stitch settings I prefer, my 740 would pull the bobbin thread to the top.

Lowering the upper tension did not solve this. I’m happy to say that the new yellow high tension bobbin from Bernina fixes this!

Blanket stitch applique

I think it’s now perfect! I blanket stitch with Superior Threads Bottom Line in both the upper and bobbin threads. Stitch length 1.8mm, stitch width 1.4mm.

CJ Tinkle

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