Bernina Needle Clamp Screw

Is an evil thing… truly, one of the things I love about Bernina sewing machines is that everything has a lever or a clamp or anything but a screw. Thumbscrews I’m okay with. Screws that require a tool, not so much.

All the Bernina machines, from the higher end 7 and 8 series lines, have a needle clamp screw that requires a tool to change the needle. See that funky little screw above the needle on the side of it? Yeah. That. Needs a tool.

But the 5 series and below machines, an all of the older Artista and Aurora machines come with a wonderful thumb screw. Apparently Bernina thinks the evil little tool requiring screw above is an upgrade. I don’t, and have replaced my Bernina 740’s needle clamp screw with a thumb screw. I change needles a lot!

With all the embroidery I’ve been doing, I’ve had to swap stitch plates (piece of cake, thank you Bernina) and needles, from an embroidery needle to a wing needle, pretty much nonstop, so my Bernina 700 embroidery machine is also getting “downgraded” to a thumb screw!

Here’s the part, in case you’d like to do the same. Trust me. Best idea ever.

I don’t know what it is about the Bernina logo, but my heart always skips a beat when I see it. Oh, it’s supposed to be about what’s inside the bag you say?

Smaller twin needles so I can play around with teensy pintucks, and some fabric I couldn’t resist for two new doll dresses.

Today, in the limited time frame I have, I’m going to start another embroidered dress. I have a bolt of Moda Muslin white 108″ wide fabric, and it’s a fair bit thinner than the Moda Bella solid fabrics, but not as thin or with as much drape as a nice batiste. I’m going to do the embroidery and stitch work on this one with Presencia 60wt 3 ply cotton, a gorgeous thread that used to be my top choice for piecing quilts, until I gave up my wholesale license and it was simply too hard to find.

Presencia cotton is at least ten times nicer than Aurifil, and much stronger, being 3 ply versus 2 ply. If you are a die hard cotton thread person, I suggest you find some and try it. I prefer good quality polyester threads for nearly everything myself.

I have some cooking to do today and I want to get in a bicycle ride, so sewing time will be brief.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Diane S.

    Thanks for the part number . I’ve spent the last few days searching for that!

    1. tinksquared

      You’re most welcome Diane, I love those thumb screws!

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