Classic Churn Dash Quilt

The modified lone star is on the longarm, I work on it a bit every other day or so for a couple of hours. But amazingly, I am still in the mood to quilt so I started another.

A really basic quilt, but a fair bit of piecing. The churn dash blocks are nine inches. I’m using the Red Elegance line of fabrics from Riley Blake.

The blocks are on point obviously. I find the Churn Dash block a little boring when set straight, but rather like it this way. It will likely take me longer to piece all the sashing than it will the blocks, I think I have about thirteen or so of them finished.

Here’s a couple of poorly lit pictures of the modified lonestar on the longarm. I was going to work on it today, but I dislike long arming on a rainy day… I’d rather piece!

It would be really nice if I manage to complete both quilts before I lose interest! If I would just keep quilting, someday I will have my own red and white quilt museum!

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Jane Wineteer

    Girl, you are SO talented! I feel privileged to be able to share a bit of your work this way.

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you! I don’t sew much anymore, so it’s nice to occasionally get something done 🙂

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