Cleaning out the Blackberries

Jim and I have let the blackberry rows go for several years. Once upon a time, I kept them beautifully mulched and trimmed. There are three sixty foot rows of them, but most of the back row has died off due to tree growth that now shades them.

Since Jim is working out of state and I have a freezer full of berries, I decided this would be a good year for me to suck it up and cut them all to the ground.

I haul the cut brambles over to the creek bed and toss them in. They don’t burn well at all. If Jim were home, we would chip them. I got the first row finished, woohoo!

Cosmo and the rooster kept me company.

Every year there are new blackberry starts growing in the walkways, although most of those won’t happen with me cutting everything back. My plan is dig those up, (normally we put them in pots to give away) and replant the rows.

Actually just the middle row. I’m going to let the back row go, and today I’m headed to the nursery for raspberry plants and I’m going to replant the front row with those. Yum!

I wasn’t sure my back would handle doing all three rows, so I called a handyman to help, but it’s possible I may be done before he’s free to come out and help me.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. montanaclarks

    It’s amazing what we can accomplish in a day, isn’t it!! Good job! I’ve tried and tried to get raspberries to grow in Montana but they are just more work than I’m willing to do, same with strawberries!

    1. tinksquared

      I’ve never tried growing raspberries. I assumed that they were going to be just like blackberries? Berries are the only fruits I really actually like.

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