Floral Button “Coaster”

I didn’t sleep great last night, and despite it being another gorgeous day out, the only thing I’m going to accomplish today is my walk at the lake after lunch. I did get Cosmo’s weekly chicken and gravy made, and cooked up a package of bacon for myself, but I kind of wanted to sew something… without putting any effort into it. 🙂

Embroidery machine to the rescue! I decided to stitch out one of these coasters in the largest size, which is 8″x8″, a nice size to set under something. I was probably just too tired to mess with it as I just barely glanced at the instructions, in the hoop projects are pretty much all the same, but the way I read it, the batting was just under the center section, and not the entire thing, which would have left quite limp and floppy edges.

I didn’t do a good job of trimming the batting close enough around the center, so well, ugh. And I ended up added another piece of batting along with the backing fabric, so my edges wouldn’t be floppy. I’ll try another one (maybe) later and see if I can’t do a nicer job with it. You can probably tell I used two laters of water soluble stabilizer. I never use tearaway fabric for these because I can’t get a clean edge with it. It’s still wet in the photo from washing the stabilizer out, so it will lighten back up when it dries.

If done right (ahem) these are kind of cool coasters, or trivets!

A friend of mine did a couple of sweatshirt jackets some years back, and I had asked her to let me see them again. I took a few pictures of some of the detail on the one I liked so much.

It’s really a work of art! I think I might like to try something on this order. Art quilts have never been my thing, so I don’t know if my “artistic eye” will make the transfer. She did hers at a workshop with “JustJennifer“… I don’t know the pattern designers actual name.

I have weed whacking to do already again. I’m not sure I’ll be able to stay on top of it with Jim gone, he at least did the orchard part of it. If I do an hour of it everyday, I can maybe keep up. Bleh. I need a nap!

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Geri

    Hi CJ. I put 3 cards in the mail to your cousins. Hope they are doing well. My granddaughters wrote out 2 of them. Geri Puckett Sherwood

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you so much Geri! I am so grateful for all that sent them cards and letters. Lou has written back to me once, saying how much he appreciates it. Writing is a struggle for him, but the cards are a bright spot in his life. Hugs!

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