Freestanding Lace Collars Finished

I finished stitching out the freestanding lace collars, soaked them (twice) to remove all of the stabilizer, and I am well pleased with how soft and supple they turned out.

The Presencia 60wt cotton thread proved to be a perfect choice for this. It also performed brilliantly in my Bernina 700 embroidery machine, not a single break!

The designs are beautifully neat on the back, so much so that it’s nearly impossible to tell which side is the front and which is the reverse.

I don’t know yet what I will do with these, but laid them over my muslin I made recently, to get ideas. I love the pointy collar so much! But my garment skills aren’t really to the point where I know how to incorporate these, so I’ll save them for future use.

I would really like to try the above top again in lightweight linen, with a bound neckline, but my Babylock Ovation is still waiting on a board replacement, and it’s likely I may not get it back before fall.

I’ve tackled all of the seams on the shirt nicely so they’re finished, except for the arm seams. Those, other than using an overlock stitch on my sewing machine, have me stumped. I’m not sure my skill extends to any methods I can currently do (French seams, mock Hong Kong seam) for finished seams on a curved edge.

I need to get back to the suffrage outfit and finish the tote bag to hold the flyers!

Yesterday I unloaded and defrosted our chest freezer. Ugh. I swear I will never own another, I much prefer our upright… even though I’m guilty of leaving the door on it ajar on several occassions! I also removed about ten gallons worth of blackberries from last year that didn’t get used, and put them out for the chickens. Hopefully they will eat them.

Obviously, I need to bake more cobblers!

CJ Tinkle

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