Fresh Egg Pasta

Fool Proof Pasta from Scratch

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I don’t know about anyone else, but I could eat fresh egg pasta every day! I make it frequently, with fresh farm eggs, and whole grain flour that I mill myself.

Atlas Pasta Roller
Atlas Pasta Roller

Years ago, after making pasta so many ways, I discovered a flour to egg ratio that is fool proof, but you need to mix it in a food processor as it could be difficult to hand mix the amount of flour I use.

Whole Grain Pasta
Whole Grain Pasta

The magic ratio is weight of eggs in grams x 1.8 flour. It really is that simple! It doesn’t matter how many eggs you use, or what type of flour you choose.

The flour type will effect the moisture level somewhat, but not enough to matter. If it is a bit sticky, just dredge the dough in flour before rolling it.

I nearly always make pasta with three eggs these days. I calculate one egg person (which is a lot of pasta) but too much is better than not enough, and it reheats well. Sometimes my mom joins us for dinner, but most often I take a third of the dried pasta over to her.

I like fifty percent whole wheat pasta, and my wheat of choice is freshly milled Emmer wheat berries, which I mill in my KoMo Classic grain mill.

If my three eggs weigh 50 grams each, then I multiply 150 x 1.8, and add 270 grams of flour, half wheat, and half white. I use King Arthur Bread Flour for my white.

I also add one half a teaspoon of salt per egg, but that’s entirely optional.

I pulse the eggs, flour and salt in my food processor for a minute or so, just enough so that the dough comes together. It should look crumbly. I then knead it on the counter for another minute or so, until it’s smooth.

Wrap it in plastic wrap and let it rest for at least thirty minutes, so that the gluten relaxes, making it easier to roll out.

Whole Grain Pasta
Whole Grain Pasta

I cut my dough into four sections, dredge them in flour, and begin rolling them out, cutting each section in half as it gets too long to be easily managed.

My Atlas pasta roller* goes from one to nine. They are all different. I roll my pasta out to a seven, which is pretty thin. Once it’s all rolled out into sheets, I cut it into strips, fettuccine being our favorite.

If I don’t have anything else going on in the kitchen, I prefer to dry my cut pasta flat on flour sack towels, but if I need the counter space, I’ll use my pasta rack.

I always bag up some pasta for my mom!

Wholegrain Pasta
Wholegrain Pasta

Fresh pasta cooks extremely fast. About three minutes and it is finished. I add a healthy dose of salt to my water, about two tablespoons. The old adage is, “as salty as the sea”!

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  1. Connie Fontenot

    When am I gonna be invited to dinner? Your food posts make me crazy hungry

    1. tinksquared

      We’ll have to have you and Darwin over one night 🙂

  2. Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts

    I have *always* wanted to try to make fresh pasta. Thanks for sharing how you make yours. I think it’s time to start shopping for a pasta machine!

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