Guess What I Did?

Tada! I actually plugged in my longarm, changed the needle, cleaned the tracks and all the wheels, and you have no idea how much I detest cleaning the wheels… and oiled the machine. That’s the closest I’ve come to considering working on the quilt that’s loaded for well over six months. Maybe after lunch I’ll turn it on? Probably not… but maybe!

I am more focused on shedding my last Covid 9lbs. I’m sick of wearing them and sick of whining about them. And the Apple Watch is the bomb!

With the Fitbit, it just tracked steps. That’s still my favorite fitness feature, and I’m using it with the Apple Watch as well, but I like the fitness circles too. I’ve set myself an exercise goal of sixty minutes per day, but on the Apple Watch that exercise doesn’t count if certain criteria aren’t met. I’ve yet to determine what exactly that is. Yesterday I walked with a friend at a slower pace, and only 22 minutes of the two hours we walked recorded as exercise. I ended up taking another forty minute walk later that day to meet my goal, which gave me a total 29,253 steps for the day, or 13.1 miles.


Needless to say, I was pretty tired. But I hadn’t burned as many calories, so more steps doesn’t necessarily give me the same benefit.

This morning I was wide awake by 4am, and I left the house at six for my walk. It took me an hour and thirty five minutes to complete my 6 miles, and my exercise ring closed. I need to do more research to find out what criteria my watch needs to count a walk as exercise, and not just steps. I don’t need to be walking 30k steps a day, my old bones can’t handle that.

I also felt a little niggle that might resemble the urge to do some piecing. Maybe I’ll go pet some fabric this afternoon and see if it inspires me.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. montanaclarks

    Good for you with all that walking! If this round of gel injections in my knee gives me some relief I want to walk more and shed my covid/winter weight! I too am starting to feel a tiny urge to piece and maybe even start up the longarm.

    1. tinksquared

      Gel injections? Pray tell more! I actually DID start up the longarm and quilted for an entire hour! LOL

  2. Denise Fischer

    You might need to calibrate your apple watch for exercise. that fixed mine. Yay for getting your longarm set up!

    1. tinksquared

      I think I have it calibrated. I went through all the settings carefully and read everything I could to get the most out of it. I did some more reading yesterday and learned that starting an activity on the watch changes the criteria somewhat, versus letting it just auto recognize an activity. I’m fairly certain that we simply didn’t walk fast enough for my heart rate to elevate enough to count as exercise.

      I think I had confessed a concern about that when I first got the watch last week, because I tend to force myself to walk slower now due to shin splints. If I walk at 20mph, I never get them. But it’s really not doing anything for me. At 18mph, my heart rate speeds up to about 96 or 98, and it registers as exercise. To get it over 100 bpm, I need to be walking at 16 or 17 mph. And then I risk shin splints.

      Yes yay on the longarm! Cross your fingers for me please! lol

  3. montanaclarks

    I had a series of hyaluronate knee injections last fall and it helped so much with my knee pain! Then this winter an over zealous physical therapist while trying to replicate the hip pain I was having torqued my knee way past where it should have been destroying the benefit I was receiving from the gel injections (and yes, I did tell him NOT to torque my knee!). There are several brands of gel that I know of and I received Hyalgan–made from rooster coombs!

    1. tinksquared

      Ah bummer on the relapse. Dang therapist! Thank you for the information on the knee injections, I looked it up and forwarded it onto my mom, she has terrible knee pain. Hope yours gets better!

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