I sucked it up today and finally finished piecing and assembling all the half-square triangles for the border on my mom’s quilt.

I ran it over to her house for final approval and talked her into just a three inch border instead of taking it all the way to the floor. Not only would that much border just look bad, the corners would drag about a foot.

Almost done!  One more border to go.
Almost done! One more border to go.

I figure by the time I quilt it and wash it, with the three inch border, it will shrink back up to just about the size it is pictured on the bed without the final border.

After lunch, I cut, assembled, and attached the final border. Whew! I am so glad to be finished piecing this quilt! Because I didn’t have a concrete plan when I made this, I bought four layer cakes, and picked the prettiest fabrics out. I have a lot left over, mostly the ugly fabrics… there are always ugly fabrics in a collection.

Ready to Quilt!
Ready to Quilt!

I have a small sewing room, so I’ve found that the best solution for measuring and cutting quilt borders is to do them on my longarm. I have a cover for the table that has measurements on it, and Jim cut a rotary mat to fit perfectly between my rails.

Since my quilt retreat is just a few weeks away and I still don’t have a project planned, I think I may whack the rest of the ten inch layer cake squares into Ohio Star blocks, and make another scrappy quilt with the leftover fabrics.

I think I can make myself finish it, as Ohio Star blocks are super fast and easy, so I won’t have to stare at fabrics I don’t like too long.

I scavenged a wide backing I found buried in my stash that goes well enough, so I won’t have to piece a backing for my mom’s quilt. I have to clean the wheels and tracks on the longarm first as it’s been sitting for quite some time, but maybe next week it will be quilted. That’s my goal!

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Chris Miller

    Hallelujah indeed!! She will love it! It goes perfectly in her bedroom.

    1. tinksquared

      I’m not sure she loves it… I’m not overly keen on it myself, but it does go with her carpet, which was the goal (you can’t see it).

  2. Julia

    Beautiful! It looks gorgeous on her bed!!

  3. Jane Wineteer

    Congratulations, CJ! I can only imagine how you feel to have a quilt finished.

    1. tinksquared

      I still have to quilt it… here’s hoping I don’t procrastinate as much on that as I did piecing it!0

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