Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ll probably forget to post tomorrow, so here’s wishing you all a lovely mom’s day!

My mom and I aren’t doing much, it’s supposed to rain and it is after all, mom’s day for me too :). I’m making us pizza, and we may see if we can remember how to play Canasta, a card game we played frequently when I was younger but neither of us remember anything about it.

In an effort to make our pizza more healthy, I added 150g’s of spelt flour to my 350g’s of bread flour. 75% hydration, two day ferment. I think that will be fine, and if so I’d like to increase it each time until it’s not. :). Some things just are not good with wheat flour… like pie crust!

I’m quite loving the Apple Watch. The timer mode on my wrist is awesome for things like my 45 minute intervals, spaced over several hours, to stretch my dough. Or telling Siri to remind me in the morning to feed my sourdough. Normally I use Alexa for those things, but she may be getting unplugged, because it’s annoying to have her announcing reminders, but my watch just vibrates. It doesn’t disturb anyone but me.

I took my six mile walk again this morning. I lost another pound, so I’ve come to the conclusion that when I did this in 2017-2018, it was probably the walking and bicycling I did religiously six days a week, more than the keto, that helped me to lose weight. But it takes at least a six mile walk to burn enough calories to help, since I wish to continue eating all of my favorite foods. I’m just avoiding the sweets. And the dried medjool dates fill that void admirably!

There’s a gentleman that’s usually on the trails every day sometime during my walk, and he has two Labrador’s with him that run unleashed until he sees someone. This morning after leashing them, he stopped me and asked if I was afraid of them. “No” I responded. “But I hate being slobbered on.” He nodded and said he’d continue to leash them around me. That was nice of him.

There’s another man that I’ve seen walking several times, probably in his early thirties, preppy looking, always walks at a snails pace with binoculars around his neck. He gives me the creeps and I always think the binoculars are a cover. When I see him, I stop and go the other direction while I’m still far enough away to run. Or jog until I’m close to other people. Silly I’m sure, but I usually listen to my gut.

22k steps in so far today! I set my daily goal for 15k as I’d like to be able to meet it even on the days I can’t walk for whatever reason, but that might be challenging. I always hit 10k without walking, not sure I can get 15k in without a long walk. I set my stair flights to six, but they don’t seem to record right as I usually have to run up and down the stairs three times to record one set. Whatever. I will shed these last ten Covid pounds!

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Diane Obernesser

    Happy Mother’s Day to you & your Mom.

  2. Lesley Kannisto

    Happy Mother’s Day to you as well, CJ. Sounds like you’re keeping busy as usual with Jim gone.

    We’re prepping our motorhome and heading for Arizona in about 5 days. I know it will be blazing hot, but we’re looking for a vacation home, so hopefully we’ll be occupied enough during the day the the heat won’t do us in. We won’t look daily, but probably every 2-3 days.

    We’ll be staying in an RV Resort in Surprise, so will definitely be in the pool daily.

    After a month in Arizona, we’re heading north to Gig Harbor on Puget Sound for a week or so. Our youngest daughter is having a baby boy on 6/4 (C-section) and we want to meet the little guy.

    We hope to be home by 7/1.

    Please continue to listen to your “gut” feelings about strangers. They won’t lead you wrong.

    Hugs to you and your Mom.

    1. tinksquared

      Happy Mother’s Day Lesley! Enjoy your trip and good luck house hunting. Congrats on the new grand-baby!

  3. Charlene B Wondra

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Charlene happy Mother’s Day to you as well!

  4. Donna Rowe

    Happy Mother’s Day to you as well!

  5. PamO

    Happy Mother’s Day to you. Thanks for the tip on the garlic shaver. I used it to make a sauce for our steaks. The garlic melted and the sauce was mild.

    1. tinksquared

      I can no longer live without the garlic shaver! It just tastes different to me, and I use it all the time. More garlic too, I can’t get enough!

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