I Am Blessed… Or Maybe Cursed

The Rugbrød turned out well enough. I don’t think it’s my favorite of that type recipe that I’ve tried, but it’s still delicious. This bread isn’t for everyone and my fond attachment to it is partly nostalgic, partly for health, and I do of course, quite enjoy the taste and texture of it.

The nostalgia comes from my years in Germany, where this was a favorite breakfast of mine, typically eaten with braunschweiger and a bit of sliced red onion, or spread with butter and lemon curd. Yesterday I had it for both lunch and dinner and enjoyed it so much with cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onion and fresh dill.

After lunch I headed out for my walk. While waiting for the girls to arrive, I sat on the steps by the dock (if you want to call it that) and watched the geese.

On the way there, my tire light came on in the Jeep and notified me that one tire was down to 28lbs of pressure, so I planned to stop and get it aired up on my way home.

The girls arrived and we made our first loop on the trail, and guess what greeted me when we passed the Jeep? A totally flat tire. One of their hubbies came out to fix it for me. In the process of rearranging my bike and whatnot so the flat tire could ride in the back, I then managed to lock my keys in the Jeep.

I have another key here at the house of course, but my house key was locked in the car. Locksmith called. $45. But I only had a $100 bill and he had no change.

Went on the tire shop where I was told I need new tires. Sigh.

But the highlight of my day, perhaps even my year, was a gift from one of the girls. She’s also lost a child, and within the last year. I’d shown her my “Jeffrey Quilt” and she found this beautiful figurine that feels like it was made just for me.

I cried when she gave it to me. And ended my day with a grateful smile for girlfriends, who supplied a hubby to fix my tire, called the locksmith for me, and even ran out for chocolate shakes.

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  1. Donna Rowe

    We are all blessed by our friends that are there when we need them. So thankful yours were with you yesterday!

    1. tinksquared

      Yes, I couldn’t agree more. Friends are priceless.

  2. Anne Carpenter

    The figurine poignantly and beautifully represents a mother’s enduring love and the pain of loss. What a special gift. Glad your friends were with you to help overcome a double whammy of old Murphy mayhem.

    1. tinksquared

      Isn’t it beautiful? I’m so grateful for my friends.

  3. Joanne M Perry

    Isn’t it just too common that a single problem ends up in a cascade of trouble caused, no doubt, by distraction and rising stress.
    Last summer I locked my car keys in the trunk instead of the ice packs I was holding…complicated by the fact that I’d lost my other car key/fob set the year before…
    At least all’s well that ends well.

  4. Diane Obernesser

    Sounds like your never-ending issues turned around. And you found blessings. The figurine is beautiful & very fitting. Friends are so special.

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