I Think She Wears It Well!

Gigot Sleeve Doll Dress

I finally finished the gigot sleeve doll dress this morning, except for the sleeve closures. I have the decorative buttons for them, but need mini snaps which I’ll have to run to the store for.

I made her a set of bloomers to wear under the dress as well. By the way, this is a “Nikki” American Girl Doll I bought on Goodwill for a song, cleaned her up and re-wigged her. After happily scalping her of course… that’s the fun part!

With the exception of finishing the seams on my serger (Babylock Ovation), this was sewn entirely on my vintage Singer 401a. I was able to try out the ruffler and hemmer foot, on the skirt ruffles, and since I opted to put in a zipper back, the zipper foot as well.

The ruffler and hemmer were a piece of cake to use. The zipper foot was not nearly as easy as the one for my Bernina, but I got the job done.

While still not of the quality I’d be happy selling, I’m overall pretty tickled with this dress and it will happily help decorate my sewing room.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Chris

    Sewing for dolls has been my happy place since I was a little girl when I was designing my own (very humble!) creations. Your dress is lovely–so much detail–and the colors are perfect for your sewing room. Looks like “Nikki” is enjoying it, too. Love your pictures!

    I’ve been on a doll sweater knitting binge and it’s so much fun!!

    1. tinksquared

      I did a sweater, you’re right is is fun! I can see why doll sewing is your happy place, I really enjoyed making this dress… and the fabrics were picked to coordinate. LOL

  2. Mary Ann

    CJ. The doll dress is adorable! With three daughters and one Granddaughter I have made many doll clothes but none as involved as the dress you just finished. I gave my granddaughter an American Girl Doll when she was eight years old, and the only patterns then were the ones from American Doll Co. As a footnote my first sewing machine was the Singer 401. She was a dandy and I wish I had kept her.

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Mary Ann! I love this machine. I think I can honestly say that for doll clothing at least, I prefer it to a computerized machine. It was really a joy to work with on this project.

  3. Diane Obernesser

    You’re getting to be an expert on sewing clothes for your doll, probably much harder than real size clothes. This outfit Is beautiful.

    1. tinksquared

      Thanks Diane! I’m a ways out from being an expert, but I am learning a bit more with each dress, and some of the confusing instructions are beginning to sink in… a little. I went my own way on the skirt, ruffles and closure as the pattern didn’t make sense at that point to me, but thankfully it worked out!

  4. Leslie Myers

    That zipper looks flawless!

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