It Changed Colors!

Okay, I’m just being silly, but I straightened my hair for the first time in at least six years, and I swear it looks like a completely different color than it normally looks!

More of my gray shows, but it just looks lighter overall to me. I can’t do this very often as it’s pretty damaging, but Jim and I are going out tonight and I was in the mood for a change. It’ll probably kink back up by then anyway!

I’m six days into eating keto again, but this time I’m being very strict, and doing things a little differently. In six days, I’ve lost 5lbs, I haven’t had a headache for the last two days (yeah baby!), my blood glucose has dropped about 12 points down to the mid eighties when I test in the morning, and my lower back pain is barely noticeable.

What that says to me is my issues have got to be food related. For the year I did keto before, I was headache and pain free most of the time.

I believe something I’m eating is causing inflammation in my body, and most likely, with a genetic disposition for them to cause issues for me, it’s either gluten, or more likely, sugar.

I start my day with two mugs of English Breakfast tea, with a squirt of Stevia and a splash of heavy cream, then take a 30 minutes walk. That’s it, I’m not doing 5-6 mile walks anymore.

By lunch I’m starving, and eat the bulk of my food then. Usually, it’s a baked chicken thigh, brussel sprouts, and a hunk of cheese. I was doing half my carbs in veggies (the only carb I am consuming) at lunch and half at dinner, but now I’ve started eating all of them with lunch and find I’m not overly hungry at dinner, so I eat a couple slices of cheese and bacon, or just cheese, or maybe a hard boiled egg.

My sister insists I’m killing myself and my fat jowls are proof. LOL

I think next on my list is to have an food allergy/tolerance test done!

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Julia

    I have naturally curly hair too! I haven’t straightened it in several years! I used to hate my curls but, now that there are so many great curly hair products to enhance the curls and keep the frizzy halo under control, I have learned to embrace my natural hair!

    1. tinksquared

      Mine is naturally curly now Julia, but it only became so as I turned gray. It’s bee straight my entire life, so learn to do anything with the curls was very challenging for me. If it weren’t for my daughter-in-law introducing me to the products available to tame it, I’d have gone crazy! I love the ease of curly hair and much prefer it, but wow it looks so different straight!

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