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I made another three quilt blocks for my sampler quilt yesterday.

I’m just going through Pinterest searching for twelve inch quilt blocks and making whatever.

I will be sashing these blocks, most likely on point, and can’t decide if I want red sashing or the beige. The whole thing is just so busy it makes me a little crazy to look at it.

Since we eliminated the mean rooster, the chickens are quite content, and our egg production is back to normal. We never found signs of an animal stealing the eggs, or eggs being laid in a secret spot, but we also no longer have chickens refusing to go into the coop at night either. No one liked that mean rooster!

Today I’m trying a new kugelhopf recipe. I adore kugelhopf and have a white chocolate and apricot recipe that is my favorite, but I’ve been meaning to try this one for some time.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Sandie Griego

    Don’t forget to go through your Electric Quilt blocks, even better if you own Blockbase.

    1. tinksquared

      I do have block base, and the block book as well, totally forgot about those 🙂

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