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Singer 404

I’m quite excited over this latest addition to my sewing room. She’s a Singer 404, it beautiful condition! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find this model in great cosmetic shape, because this was the lower end of the Singer 400 series, a straight stitch only machine and very popular for classroom use.

These are very similar to the popular 301’s, but heavier duty and a drop in class 66 bobbin, which is much larger and far easier to clean than the 301’s. The lines of the machine are slightly “beefier” looking, and I find it to be quite elegant looking.

If you’re into bright colors, these vintage machine may seem drab to you, but they are beautiful in my sewing room decor. Take a peek at some of my machine covers and you’ll see what I mean.

She’s got a couple of small chips to be touched up, but the decals are nearly perfect and she’s polished up pretty well.

I’d picked up another 404 just two days before, and while it’s also in great cosmetic condition, it needs some work mechanically. It runs well, mostly just cleaning old grease and oil out of the inside. It can get pretty nasty in a sixty plus year old machine.

The one picture above, that I’ve chosen for a permanent addition to my sewing room, had a very small crack in the top cover. Jim will be able to repair it, but I swapped out the covers on the two machines. The other, when restored, will be the machine I use when I want to piece with the girls out in public.

This one also has a base as it came with a case. I was going to swap it out for the bottom on the other as well, but I’ll likely not use the case as I have nice sewing machine luggage that is easier to use. These babies are too heavy (18.6lbs) for me to carry.

I cleaned her up with original Go-Jo (pumice free), then waxed her, followed by a polish with Lemon Pledge. I was hoping for a bit more shine, so I may let Jim tackle her later, he’s a bit more skilled at this type work than I am.

Meanwhile, I still have the 403a that’s waiting a fine tune polish job :). This one, will be my dedicated piecing machine for quilts.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Lainee

    The Featherweight Shop sells Zymol cleaner and wax (small containers) which is a carnuba wax. Puts a great shine on your machine.

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