Mini Lone Star Progress

I cut the pieces for my lone star points this morning and have completed two of them. I think I will like this a lot… I sure hope so anyway.

I mentioned having miscalculated the border, that I’ve already pieced, which means I’ll have more fabric surrounding the star than originally planned. Not a big deal, but until I finish the star points and add the backing fabric for a visual, I won’t know what I’m doing with the extra space.

I might add a color contrasting border, or I may add some appliqué.

I am using the Quiltsmart interfacing on this quilt for the star points. There’s a couple of things I find helpful working with it. One is using my teflon straight stitch foot.

The Teflon isn’t such a big deal, but the green color of the foot makes it sooooo much easier for me to see exactly where that sewing line is.

The other is trimming off the excess fabric down to a quarter inch seam before sewing on the next piece.

My reason for doing this is not because I’m worried about the darker fabric showing through the lighter fabric, but because the interfacing adds a fair bit of bulk to the quilt when long-arming it, and this removes some of that bulk.

I’m walking with the girls again today. I’m trying to make myself walk everyday that it isn’t raining if possible, five to six miles.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Chris P

    I hadn’t realized you were using quilt smart for the lone star. I have several packages of the interfacing that I will need to investigate. Thanks for the inspiration, again.

    1. tinksquared

      I found a bolt of it in my closet! Figured I’d better use it. 🙂

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