Miss Myrtle Approved Face Mask

Three Layers Plus Filter Pocket

Whew! After trying several face mask patterns and reading a ton more, I finally found one that meets all of my criteria, and more importantly, Miss Myrtle gave her approval!

This one has three layers of cotton fabric, fabric ties, and a filter pocket so you can use a filter material of your choice, and replace it as needed. My original plan was to cut up the allergen cotton pillow case protectors, but Jim did some research and we are going to use these air filters for our own. You have to remove the wire of course.

Because this mask uses ties instead of elastic, there are no fit issues. It fits both Jim and I perfectly, and we are on opposite ends of the head sizes. He sports a big fat head, and I have a little pin head!

The ties are easy to make using a Clover #25 bias tape maker, which makes one inch single fold tape, or half inch double fold tape, which is what is needed here. The fabric does not need to be cut on the bias, and two 1-7/8 inch strips of fabric, cut width of fabric, will do one mask.

Don’t cut the selvages off the ties. After running them through the bias tape maker, fold them under and repress. That way, the ties won’t fray on the ends.

I used an edge stitch foot sew them closed and onto the mask.

There is a (optional) wire encased the top strap along the front of the mask. I will be putting these in the masks I make as you can pinch the wire so it stands off of your nose, making it more breathable.

Most of the masks I’ve seen have been in flowery material. That might be great for the girls, but I’m sure the guys would rather it be plain. Although, it really doesn’t matter! I have quite a bit of Moda Bella Solid yardage pieces, and that’s what I will be using. This batch is blue, the next batch will be hunter green.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Janine

    Please consider making them with 1 blue side and 1 green. I have been told it is easier to keep track of which side is the outer one if the mask must be “reused”.

    1. tinksquared

      Not necessary Janine, mine have a definite wrong side. It’s the pocket for the removable filter.

  2. Dee

    Looks great ~ I will do the 1 7/8″ bias strips next time as I already cut them. And NOT cutting them on bias would be even better 🙂

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