Miss Myrtle is a Genius!

Bernina Bias Binder #88

In the midst of all this mask making frenzy, after burning myself frequently pressing ties, I pulled out the vintage Singer bias binder, giving in to the shortcut of having knotted ends on the ties instead of nicely folder under ends.

Alas, that gadget sucks. I mean, if you’ve never used a commercial bias binder I suppose it’s okay, but it could be so much better! The vintage Singer binder is an actual presser foot.

There’s no adjustments possible. The needle can only be in the center position, and on my Singer 403a, that lines up with the wrong edge of the binding! —(I am wrong, the vintage binder needle position is adjustable… I completely missed it… but I’m still going to use the superior Bernina binders on my old Singers).—

Miss Myrtle watched, took notes, and then suggested, in a rather snippety tone, “Why don’t you try one of those fancy schmancy Bernina binders you have? Looks to me like my machines have the same screw holes for attachments that those Bernina machines have!”

Eep! She’s right!

A commercial binder, or the Bernina Bias Binders #88, which come in three sizes, 28mm, 32mm, and 38mm (the size I use for mask ties) and I happened to own all three, is fully adjustable.

I put some shelf lining on my sewing machine bed so as not to scratch the paint, then attached the binder to the machine’s screw openings to the right of the needle, which is a pretty standard option on most machines of any brand. The Bernina screw is a different size, so I simply used one of my Singer attachment screws.

It works perfectly! Yeah! Thank you Miss Myrtle, you are indeed a genius!

CJ Tinkle

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  1. montanaclarks

    WOW! My bias tape maker is on its way via Amazon but I was also amazed at how quickly I could make the ties just by ironing the strips. Sending masks to St. Croix today where we have friends living and working.

    1. tinksquared

      I use those bias tape makes from Clover for a lot of projects, so I’m sure you will enjoy having it. I have all the different sizes.

  2. Chris P

    I watched the video links you shared one was how to use a commercial binder on a domestic as well as how to “hack” the clover bias maker to work similarly which is genus. So thank you for sharing those. And yes, Miss Myrtle is a genius and I am so happy she and you share.

    1. tinksquared

      I’m happy Miss Myrtle likes to keep me company while I sew. She comes up with some good ideas! 🙂

  3. Janine

    Never occurred to me to try the Bernina binder on my 401. Thanks so much for this post because ,yes, the singer one is awful.

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