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I caught the little mouse inside my violin case the other day. I’m not sure how she managed to get inside, and we had to have a serious discussion about that, because now I’m wondering if that string that broke on me last month was due to a little mouse scampering about where she shouldn’t have been, and not caused by me over tightening it?

And then, this.

I mean, come on! I know exactly what she’s up to here. Trying to shame me into playing! I wonder why she didn’t restring my violin for me then. Lazy!

I haven’t been doing anything creative whatsoever, which is really what my blog is supposed to be about, but there you have it. I’m again focused on shedding Covid 19 pounds, and I’ve managed to lose six of the sixteen I put on. Ugh. My Fitbit gave up the ghost sometime last year, and I find I am simply not as motived without it as I am when wearing it. There’s something addictive about seeing those steps add up.

I’ve had my eye on an Apple Watch for several years, but just didn’t feel like they were worth the price until now. Probably still not worth the price, but I felt like the series 6 offered enough to entice me to buy one, which I did. I have to say, I’m more than happy with it, and like it so much better than my FitBit, but of course I’m totally immersed in the Apple ecosystem anyway.

One of the features I was very keen on having was the ECG app. I’m sure after all those tests I had there really is nothing at all wrong with my heart, and I’ve not had any chest pains since, but I’d definitely like to be able to take an ECG instantly the next time I do have those pains, just to to rule it out for certain in my mind.

I wasn’t sure the exercise feature was going to work for me (aside from counting my steps) as I thought my heart rate would have to be higher for it to count as exercise and not simply walking. I can no longer walk faster than an 18 minute mile without getting shin splints, and find it that as long as I keep my pace slow, I can avoid them. But my heart rate never goes up to 100 at that pace, which I thought it would be necessary to count as exercise. I guess not!

I got in nearly seven miles this morning. 16,681 steps already today! I enjoyed watching the geese at the lake while I was there. The babies are so sweet!

Yesterday I was finally able to mow, it’s been so wet, but I had to leave half of the ditch along the road and about a quarter of the front yard un-mowed, as they were simply too wet.

Currently blooming! The rains knocked over many of them as we’ve been having some very windy storms. I have yellow ones blooming as well but forget to take a picture of those.

My mom’s birthday was a few days ago. I made Chinese food in the Instant Pot and my favorite, and now hers too, lemon blueberry cake.

We each had a slice after lunch, then I sent the rest home with her, along with instruction to slice it all up and freeze it! My mom and I are both guilty of no self control when it comes to food! We drove out to the dam afterwards to see how fast the water was flowing through it, and had a short walk. Beautiful day!

CJ Tinkle

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  1. jennifer

    Happy Birthday to your mom! I find that I’m a more motivated with my Fitbit Versa2 (which I won at work). . . It monitors my heart rate when I ride the bike or the rowing machine. Doc informed me I was 20 lbs heavier this year than I was 6 years ago. . . whatever. The flowers are beautiful. They are talking frost again next week up here. Poo!

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Jennifer I will share that with her. Did you slap the doctor? 😂

      Yep there’s something about that step counter that makes you want to keep going when normally you wouldn’t bother.

  2. Susan

    My weight hasn’t changed just the fat%. 🙁 I got an Apple watch over a year ago and it was alerting me of Afib issues. And was confirmed by a 30 day heart monitor test. And it reminds me to move more. I just wish it could detect when I’m snacking and alert me to stop. Good luck with the weight loss.

    1. tinksquared

      I’m trying not to diet because I hate it so much when my food is restricted to certain things. Instead I’m just trying to eat smaller portions of the things that I love like pizza and avoid things like cookies! I substituted dried dates for cookies and that seems to be working out great they hit the spot with no problem. Portion control is the bigger problem is I am a bona fide glutton.

  3. Diane Obernesser

    The iris are beautiful! Miss Myrtle is pushing you to get back to the violin. Do you play at all? It is such a lovely instrument. Cake looks wonderful. Best to get rid of it.

    1. tinksquared

      It’s been almost 2 years now since I touched the violin. I’ve lost interest in so many things that used to bring me happiness. No worries on the cake my mom is eating it daily without even thawing it out first. 😂

  4. Donna Rowe

    Happy Birthday to your mom! I know she is enjoying living near you – and your cooking!!

  5. Mary Ann

    Ummm that Lemon/BLUEBERRY cake looks good enough to eat (a little pun on words there)😊. Your Iris are beautiful as always.

    1. tinksquared

      Thanks! It’s definitely my favorite cake and my mom‘s as well.

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