Miss Myrtle the Prophet

How did she know I was going to spend more time today ripping out than actually sewing? Do you think she cursed me?

I think it’s possible! I’ve been sewing up doll dresses like crazy and she’s so mad at me right now.

She feels ignored. I’m not paying any attention to her. Especially after she ripped her clothes off that I made for her and tossed them along with her bolts of fabric right out the window this morning!

My bobbin got in a snarl while I was sewing the pintucks on this dress skirt… I’m pretty sure Miss Myrtle did something while she was pretending to assess the situation, but I ended up ripping out forty inches of pintucks.

I finally finished sewing the skirt and the bodice. This one was sewn with Moda muslin. I have a 108″ wide bolt of it. It’s thinner than the Moda Bella solids and has more drape to it. Plus, I have a lot of it! I starched it with Terial Magic before doing the embroidery, and used a single layer of Vilene.

I have several jumbo cones of Presencia 60wt cotton thread, and that’s what I embroidered the bodice and skirt with, as well as using it for the pintucks and entredeaux stitch between them.

As you can see, I chose to add sleeves and a collar to this dress, and piping to the waist. We shall see how it goes together!

I am in the process of ripping out the waist, after basting it, deciding it looked okay, did the final stitching, and realized I sewed it together wrong.

Rip, rip rip. Thanks Miss Myrtle.

I sure love the Bernina Foot #46C for sewing between these pintucks!

And the regular pintuck feet are wonderful as well. On this skirt, I used the smallest Bernina pintuck foot #33, with a 1.6mm twin needle. I only made two double rows of pintucks instead of triple rows. Between the lesser amount and the smaller tucks, the drape is much improved.

I made the piping for the waist with the #31 pintuck foot. And they couch cords beautifully too.

Back to my seam ripping. I’m ready for a nap. Jim and I took a fourteen mile bicycle ride this morning, which was a lot of fun.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. KimS

    You are just as good of a story teller as you are a seamstress. Laughing out loud here and I probably will be for a while. The dress could not be prettier, can’t wait to see it all together.

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