Moda Blockheads 2020

I’m jumping in a few weeks late, but that’s okay. I’ve got my fabrics picked out and I’m getting ready to set up an EQ8 project for the blocks.

I will be using Moda’s Cinnaberry for my fabrics. Sorry for the lousy photo.

If you have EQ8 and haven’t used it much, this will be a GREAT way to start learning the program. My plan is to draw each block as it’s released, and audition all of my fabrics in the software prior to cutting each block, plus then I’ll have them all available to plan a layout at the end.

This is how I learned EQ myself, by copying an existing block or pattern, referring frequently to the manual when I didn’t know how to do something.

I will be making my blocks 12″ x 12″, and for ease of drawing in EQ, my block width and height are set to 12, and my horizontal and vertical snaps are set to 48.

My drawing board set up looks like this:

For most blocks, multiplying the block size by four for the snaps makes for easy calculations. Selecting the first two icons (the ones shown blue above) makes perfect snapping points a breeze.

Above is the Crown and Star Block from week one drawn.

And above are three different colorings of the same block. I can make sure I like the fabrics before cutting them.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Diane Obernesser

    Beautiful fabrics.

    1. tinksquared

      Thanks Diane, I’ve had for just a bit waiting for the right project to come along.

  2. Jill Discordia

    Love the fabric line. Could you tell me how much fabric is needed to do a blockhead quilt? I saw a couple layouts and finishing instructions but I can’t seem to find info on how much for the blocks in general. Help! Thanks!

    1. tinksquared

      They said about 42 fat quarters, but I’d certainly add some yardage to that for borders and binding. And a safety net.

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