Moda Blockheads Block 4

Woohoo I cut and pieced my substituted block for this morning for Moda Blockheads. I really like this block!

It’s all flying geese. When I make flying geese, I prefer to press the seams open. I think they lay much nicer.

Looking at my four block progress, I’m thinking I probably won’t make all fifty six blocks in the year long quilt-along, as I’m already thinking I will want sashing, and the quilt will get huge since I’m making twelve inch blocks.

I’m really liking it so far. It is always fun to only have to deal with cutting and piecing one block at a time, and I am more willing to make blocks that have a lot more pieces than I’d normally care to sew.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Susan

    Did you design this block #4 or was it an alternate block? I do like it. Also, is there a place to sign up for this to get the emails with a link to the patterns? I couldn’t find it on the Moda site. Thx,

  2. Debbie Brander

    I absolutely love your fabrics, are they available at Quilting from the Heart? Thank you.

    1. tinksquared

      Hi Debbie, I’m not familiar with Quilting from the Heart, but you’ll have a difficult time finding much Moda Cinnaberry anywhere, it’s mostly sold out.

  3. Diane Obernesser

    Looking great. Those colors are beautiful together.

  4. Debbie Beander

    I’m sorry, I was confusing you with another quilter that I follow, and that is the store that she supports. I realized a few moments after I posted it, sorry for the confusion.

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