Moda Blockheads Top Complete!

I am pumped! I put the final border on yesterday afternoon. Not a great picture I know. It’s draped on top of the quilt currently on my longarm, which I had hoped to finish the week after Christmas, but Jim is getting ready to head out on another contract, so it will have to wait.

I WILL, I swear, only be doing a pantograph on this one. I don’t care for it enough to custom quilt it, and I think a panto will look fine anyway.

This is the one I’m pretty sure I will be using on it. In a very dark tan thread. One Song Needle Arts is probably my favorite pattern designer. Her work is quite intricate, and you don’t see a lot of her pantographs on quilts because they’re simply not cost effective to stitch out.

I’m not sure what I’m doing about the backing fabric yet. I have a dozen or so ugly blocks leftover, that I might piece into a long row and insert it in the backing, but I detest long arming quilts with pieced backs, it makes it wonky. We shall see.

Jim and I recently watched a BBQ show on Netflix and decided we needed to smoke a brisket. I think I’ve only done one in my life, so there’s a good chance I’ll ruin it, but here’s hoping not, since the smallest one I could find was a whopping fourteen plus pounds!

So big, that I had to try and fold it nearly in half, and then it still barely fit in our little Cookshack smoker. I put it on last night before bed, and twelve hours later, it still isn’t done, but I expected it to take about fifteen hours.

I also mixed up a batch of sourdough before bed and it’s shaped and proofing this morning.

I supposed I should be a responsible adult and do some housecleaning today. It is New Year’s Eve, a clean house would be a good way to start the year 🙂

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Chris

    Bag the housecleaning and kick back and relax! The quilt is beautiful! Do you like using the brotform? Aren’t I just a fount of short sentences?? LOL!!

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Chris!

      Christmas is packed away, yay! So glad to have it done. Yes, I love my brotforms. The trick to use them is to coat them in rice flour (brown or white work) as it has no gluten like flour, and wet dough slides right off of it.

  2. Chris

    Ohhh! Thank you for explaining about the brotform. I’ve looked at them and wondered how they worked.

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