Moda Blockheads Week 8

I just barely got week seven done before week eight rolled out, so I made sure I got this week’s block done right away. It’s so easy for me to fall behind.

As always, I drew it in EQ8 first so I could audition it.

Here are my eight blocks to date.

I’m doing all of my piecing now on the Singer 404, and what a joy she is to sew on. I think I might love this machine as much as I do my 401a.

She’s buttery smooth, and has such a nice sound. It’s lower pitched than my 401a and reminds me of a tiger purring :).

I really need to finish the quilt on the longarm. I can’t wait to try out the 403a with a walking foot and see how it does.

You may have noticed I’ve mentioned I’m going to sell my Bernina 740, but I won’t be listing it until I’ve assured myself I can do everything I want to do on a vintage machine.

CJ Tinkle

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