Moda Chafarcani

For a while now I’ve had a layer cake of Moda’s Chafarcani, along with a fat quarter bundle of it laying around. I was a bit dismayed when it first arrived in the mail as it seems like the majority of the fabrics are light colored, with only a few reds. It makes designing a quilt with those colors a little challenging, in my opinion.

I was flipping through Pinterest photos yesterday and ran across some quilt designed around charm squares. I’ve no idea what the name is or who designed it, but I drew it up with eight inch blocks EQ8 this morning so I could plunk some of those fabrics in, and I think it will look okay.

I haven’t finished coloring it and probably won’t, I just needed a visual. I’ll have to order some yardage for the outer border and binding, but I’m going to stew on it for a bit while I finish the quilt on the longarm, hopefully this week or next. In order to use all those light colored fabrics in the blocks, I’ll need to add a super light background fabric, so this is still a big maybe.

I’m two thirds of the way through, if you don’t count the fact that when I finish quilting it, I’ll be taking it off the longarm and ripping out the entire top row of setting blocks and the first two on the sides, then I’ll have to reload it and re-quilt those.

I attempted frogging one of the side blocks on the frame, and there’s simply no way my back can take that anymore, so off it will come. I put a much denser design in the rest of the setting blocks and it looks a hundred percent better.

I baked a batch of cinnamon chocolate espresso brownies late yesterday afternoon, as after my doctor’s appointment this morning I’m going to go sew with a few friends. I’ll be taking the Churn Dash quilt along to work on the binding, and/or burying the thread tails. I’m not bringing any brownies back home with me! I finally lost another pound. My jeans are no longer uncomfortable, (they’re uber stretchy!) but I still have pants I can’t get into as I will need to drop at least six or seven more pounds before they’ll fit.

CJ Tinkle

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