My First Finish In Forever!

Woohoo! I finally finished quilting the quilt that’s been on my longarm for the better part of a year this morning! I almost laughed hysterically when I went back to the computer log and saw that the actual time spent on the quilt was only thirty seven hours. OMG! I’m so pathetic.

I thought for certain I’d purchased a yard of one of the reds for the binding, but I haven’t run across it yet. I did find a yard of the gray floral in the setting triangles, so I will probably just use it, since I don’t like grays and can’t imagine using it for anything else.

In celebration of my finish, I’m going to be lazy today and skip my walk and/or bike ride. I do have to run to the store, and I have to sweep and mop, but otherwise I’m going to wallow in my accomplishment! Perhaps even a glass of wine with lunch! And I might sneak up on Miss Myrtle and stick her with a pin!

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Denise Fischer

    Wow! Beautiful!

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Denise! With any luck I’ll get in the mood to make another quilt 🙂

  2. Patricia S Brenner

    That turned out so beautiful! Perhaps Miss Myrtle deserves a break, lol, seems like she ‘prodded’ you into getting it done 🙂

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Patricia! I don’t know about that break though. Miss Myrtle has been most difficult to deal with this past year. Do you think pouring her a shot of whiskey would be considered mouse abuse?

  3. Maxine

    Yay, Yay!!!!

  4. Chris Miller

    Oh so beautiful! You are an amazing designer/quilter. My idol!!

  5. KimS

    Wow, that quilt is gorgeous. A quilt for you? Perhaps Miss Myrtle has been waiting to use the longarm. Maybe she sends her quilts to you for longarming. Whatever the reason, it must feel good to be finished and off the frame.

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Kim! I only make quilts for myself now. Selfish, I know. It does feel fabulous! Every time I sew and actually complete something anymore, it feels like I just cleared the top of Mt. Everest 🙂

      1. PamO

        Gorgeous quilt. Wonderful finish.

  6. Diane Obernesser

    Knew you’d do it. It’s beautiful.

  7. Donna

    Beautiful!! I know you are glad to have it finished!

  8. Chris Poehlman

    It finished as lovely as I expected. Beautiful as always. Hopefully now that it is off the L/A your creative talents will percolate to the top and you will start something new. Although with all the other things you do, I know you are busy enough for two people and Ms Myrtle is a task master of the highest regard, yes I vote for the shot of whiskey to tone her demands down perhaps.

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Chris! I’m not sure my creative well hasn’t dried up, but Miss Myrtle seems to have the ability to occasionally draw a bit more out. Perhaps I should try the shot of whiskey. 😁

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