My Valentine Gift

Singer 403a

She has arrived! I wasn’t expecting her until today, but the post office delivered her yesterday. I search long and hard when I hunt for vintage machines, looking for those as cosmetically perfect as possible. Jim can fix just about anything mechanical related, but this one was as clean inside as she is on the outside.

She has a beautiful shine, the clear coat is in excellent condition. There are a couple of very small paint chips that we will touch up, but otherwise she’s perfect, and from the interior, I’d say very low usage.

The original manual and every single accessory were included!

She is the perfect companion machine to my Singer 401a, and they share all accessories.

Jim and I feel very blessed to have found 3 beautiful Singer machines in near perfect factory condition. The 401a, this new 403a, and his 301a.

Jim spent a few hours detailing the inside and making sure everything was lubricated. Then I reset the tensions for my preferred threads, Superior Threads Bottom Line 60wt polyester in the bobbin, and Aurifil 50wt cotton on top.

The presser foot bar is every so slightly crooked, and Jim will make that adjustment for me. She sews like a dream and it probably wouldn’t bother most people, but I require absolute precision 🙂

I’ve ordered a sewing machine cabinet insert for her, as she will take the place of my Bernina 740.

CJ Tinkle

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