Olson Face Mask with Filter and KAMsnaps

I haven’t had the best of luck making my mom a face mask she’s happy with. None of us like the pleated ones. Jim, myself, and my son quite like the surgical ones I’ve been making, with ties, but my mom struggles with the ties. She has horrible arthritis in her fingers.

Today I wanted to make myself a matching face mask out of the scraps from my Kaffe Fassett top. It’s a good thing I had plenty, because I messed up my first attempt.

I decided to try the Olson Mask, with elastic, and see if my mom liked it any better. SCORE! She loved it.

I added a half inch to each of the four edges that make up the filter pocket, so I could fold them under a quarter inch and then again a half inch. To be clear, I added the half inch to side 5 of the mouth pieces, and also side 6 of the cheek pieces. Then I simply topstitched the hems in place.

The pattern simply has you fold them under a quarter inch and stitch in place… leaving an unfinished seam on the inside.

That isn’t going to hold up, and my serger is still at my dealer’s waiting on a replacement board, and now that I’ve done the double fold and see how nice it looks, I don’t think I’d serge that edge anyway.

Because I’m not a fan of elastic due to it’s durability (I solved the fitting issues with the cord keepers you see above), I decided to make the casing with KAMsnaps, so the elastic could easily be replaced.

I cut my elastic nine inches for each side, and overlapped the ends about three quarters of a inch and zigzagged them together, making a loop. That’s plenty long enough for the little cord keepers to work well.

I LOVE the fun element the snaps add to the mask! The casing bunches around the elastic when it’s on, giving a gap free fit, so I’m really pleased with these and think I will make these for at least my mom and myself in the future.

Despite the bulk of the KAMsnaps, they offer no discomfort. I asked my mo three times if they bothered her, and she said she couldn’t feel them.

Not to scare anyone, I’m tired, stressed, free of makeup and my hair is a frizzy mess, but here’s how the mask fits.

Accuquilt makes this mask on a die, which I’m tempted to order, except that I really like the addition of the half inch to the filter pocket for enclosed seams… I’m going to have to think about that.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Amy M

    CJ, are the edges you added 1/2 inch to #5 and #6 on the “Mouth” and “Cheek” pieces?
    Thank you for all your “pattern testing” ! Really appreciate all your work.
    You didn’t scare me a bit! My normal right now is no makeup and hair in a clip. I only bother to do more if I need to go somewhere (rare). Love your sense of humor, and the Miss Myrtle updates. Thanks again!

    1. tinksquared

      Thank you Amy, yes I added the half inch to side 5 of the mouth pieces, and side 6 of the cheek pieces. I’ll go back and update my post. When I folded the ends over to make the casings for the elastic, my folds are one and a quarter inch… that’s how much was needed to be folded not to cover our ears.

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