One Side Finished

I carefully measure the spacing for my appliqués prior to fusing them down. Even so, they won’t be perfect. The leaves for example, I just eyeball. Part of the charm right?

Miss Myrtle doesn’t think so. She was stalking around my border with her tiny fist shaking while muttering her displeasure, so I had to restrain her.

I have one side appliquéd down. These flowers are far more tedious to blanket stitch down than the feathery designs on the other wallhanging I just pieced. I am taking no more than two stitches before stopping to reposition around a curve.

I might end up liking this one even more than the mini lone star. I am going to do a piped binding (not faux!) with the dark red for the piping and one of the florals for the binding. It’s the same floral that I used for the outer border on the mini lone star.

Jim was set to leave around eight this morning, so I expect he’ll pull out sometime around noon. 🙂

CJ Tinkle

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