Pinterest Board for Miss Myrtle

For all of you fans of the Divine Miss M, she now has her own Pinterest board. Anything she poses for will be added there. I was a bit surprised when she made the request, and you know what she told me? “I’m famous! I can have a cult following and people all over the world will love me!”

Hmmm… I am but her obedient slave.

The more I work with Spelt, the more I see why it has such a following. While Einkorn is my favorite for taste, Spelt is sooo much easier to work with. Yesterday I made Spelt pasta, and it was much nicer to work with than Emmer, which is what I typically use for egg pasta. I blend it half and half with King Arthur Bread flour.

I was not feeling up to snuff yesterday, and didn’t make the dinner with it I had planned. And today what I had planned for yesterday doesn’t sound good, so I’ll probably do some cheese, tomatoes and mushrooms with it. I went to the store this morning and they had fresh Marzano tomatoes! I have never seen those in a store here, yum!

Like many, I have been steadily gaining weight since the virus this time last year. I have no desire to ever do keto again, despite how well that worked for me, but I obviously can’t keep eating whatever I want either. Food is such a huge part of my life, it’s always on my mind, things I want to try, and I live to bake bread but…

I decided to just cut out the baked goodies and see what happens. I have a terrible sweet tooth, but I’ve been eating dried dates and apricots with pecans when I get a craving, and I’m quite content with that. I’m not sure why that should make a difference, because there’s probably every bit as many calories, but I have lost three pounds this week.

I’m still eating everything else I love. Below are yesterday’s lunch and dinner.

Tomorrow I will be baking pizzas again, because the Caputo 00 flour I ordered came in, and of course I can’t wait to try it out. I’ve mixed exactly the same as the last couple of pizza doughs, at 65% hydration (sourdough of course). I thought I read somewhere that 00 flour prefers a long fermentation, so it should be well suited to sourdough.

I’ve been trying to stay on top the weed whacking by doing a little each day, but it’s still an overwhelming amount to tackle alone. I’m also trying to catch up on the pressure washing. Yesterday I tackled the Hvac units and two gutters. And my lawn chair! Because then I could collapse in it and enjoy the gorgeous spring weather.

CJ Tinkle

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  1. Sue

    I found out the hard way about Keto,. My Cholesterol went from 190 to 225 in less than a year and my sugar numbers were borderline high, from to much fat and diet Coke, Dr said get off Keto and your numbers will come back down. Just trying to eat better, more good fruit and fresh veggies. Love seeing Miss Myrtle she makes me smile

    1. tinksquared

      Yikes! I honestly don’t know what mine were and I still don’t, but I can’t give up grains for life. They ARE my life. Of course I would do better if I ate more of them in other than bread form, but still… lol

      Same here with fruit and veggies. Both a struggle for me. But I quite enjoy dried fruit so I may have resolved that problem.

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